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NETC Advisory Committee Meetings
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2015 NETC Research Program
Below are links to the 2015 Research Problem Statements approved by the NETC Advisory Committee at its May 18, 2015 meeting.

Contingency Projects

  1. N15RI1 Literature Search_VMT reduction state employees
  2. N15MA1 Literature Search_Anti-icing Surface Water


2014 NETC Research Program
Below are links to a PDF that contains the Research Problem Statements and Literature Search:


Policy Committee Memo and Ballot
Advisory Committee members are encouraged to meet with their respective Policy Committee members and review the following memo and ballot: Policy Committee Memo.


Technical Committee Members
A Technical Committee (TC) Orientation will be held during the first TC meeting, and we will review the following document in more detail: NETC Technical Committee Members.


PI Evaluation Form
The Advisory Committee requested that the NETC Coordinator draft a PI Evaluation Form for review.  The AC provided sample consultant evaluation forms from their states, and the NETC Coordinator attempted to include all the relevant and essential review questions and categories.  Once approved by the AC, we will begin to use this evaluation form:  PI Performance Evaluation Form Draft


NETC Research Program Annual Calendar
Click here for a link to the NETC Research Program Annual Calendar.


NETC Policies and Procedures Revisions
Back at the 2013 NETC Retreat, we discussed a handful of revisions to the NETC Policies and Procedures document.  Those revisions are completed and ready for Advisory Committee review and approval.  This document includes the revisions using tracked changes, for your convenience:  NETC Policies and Procedures Revisions

NETC Ballot April 2 2015_NETC Policies Procedures


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