NETC 06-4


PROJECT TITLE: “Preventative Maintenance and Timing of Applications”

PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR(S) & UNIVERSITY(S): Dr. Walaa Mogawer, P.E. University of Massachusetts Dartmouth


AGREEMENT TERM: 9/16/2013 – 9/15/2015


PROJECT OBJECTIVES: The purpose of this project is to research existing best practices for pavement preventative maintenance strategies and adapt them to the unique variety of road conditions in New England (different traffic volumes, pavement materials, and northern climates). Additionally this research will attempt to outline pavement maintenance techniques and the inter-relationship with the timing of their application in New England. To meet the purpose of this project, the following objectives have been established:

  1. Identify the components of a Pavement Preventive Maintenance (PPM) program.
  2. Evaluate the state-of-the-practice relative to agencies (both US and worldwide) that have demonstrated successful implementation of a pavement preservation program. Identify both single treatment and multi-treatment strategies.
  3. Use current and past projects as appropriate to evaluate techniques that have been successfully used to effectively extend the life of the pavement.
  4. Identify and quantify the factors that influenced the successful implementation of a preservation technique, including time of treatment application in the existing pavement life cycle.
  5. Validate the treatment parameters and methodologies using available tests for surface treatments as well as those for conventional flexible pavements (Hot Mix Asphalt mixtures) that might be modified to test these treatments.
  6. Determine the approximate cost for pavement preservation technique identified.
  7. Develop an implementation pavement preservation manual for distribution to the state and local transportation agencies within the New England states.



  • UMass Dartmouth hosted the project Kick-Off Meeting on February 12th, 2014. UMass Dartmouth continued work on the literature review and internet survey.
  • UMass Dartmouth received data on CDs from NHDOT and is in the process of reviewing the data to include in the research project. UMass Dartmouth continued work on the literature review and internet survey.
  • In September 2014, UMass Dartmouth formally requested a no additional cost time extension for this project of twelve month (new end date 9/15/2016). The research team is requesting the extension in order to include more new pavement preservation projects ongoing in the New England states. New Hampshire DOT provided valuable data during the last quarter to include in the project and the research team is currently seeking similar data from the remainder of the New England state transportation agencies. Furthermore, the research team is still investigating the best vender to purchase the needed testing devices required for Task 6. Furthermore, more time is needed for field evaluation of the preservation projects included in the study. These evaluations will help identify the best time for applying a pavement preservation which is the main scope of the project. UMass Dartmouth is waiting for a response on this time extension request. UMass Dartmouth continued work on the literature review and internet survey (Task 2 and 3).
  • A new contract was prepared for the consultant Mr. David Peshkin.
  • Work continued on the literature review for this project (Task 2).
  • The research team developed and distributed a survey to each of the New England State DOT’s to assess the current status of pavement preservation activities (Task 3 & 4).
  • A project progress meeting was held via an online internet meeting on March 31st, 2015.  A task by task update was presented. Currently, the research team is awaiting the completed surveys (Task 3 & 4) from a majority of the New England State DOT’s before being able to proceed to Task 5 & 6.  All states responded that they would complete the survey as soon as possible. A time frame on two weeks was suggested by the project PI.  It was agreed to hold another update meeting in six to eight weeks.



None thus far.



Chairperson Paul Petsching: Rhode Island Department of Transportation

Mark Brum: Massachusetts Department of Transportation

Bryan Lee: Connecticut Department of Transportation

Deirdre (Dee) Nash: New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Derek J. Nener-Plante: Maine Department of Transporation

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