Requests for Proposals

Current RFPs

Below is an invitation from the Maine Department of Transportation to submit a      proposal for the New England Transportation Consortium Coordinator Services contract:

Recent Past RFPs

Below is an Invitation from the New England Transportation Consortium to submit a research proposal for:


FAQ on NETC 17-1 Quick Response RFP:

  1. Would including a cover letter count toward the proposal’s 8-page limit?
    • No, a cover letter may be included in the proposal and will not count toward the page limit.
  2. Who should fill out the Subrecipient Commitment & Audit Certification Form on page 8 of the RFP?
    • The institution submitting the proposal will fill out this form.  We do not require this form unless the proposal is selected for funding, however, it is provided in advance to help expedite the subcontract.

Upcoming RFPs

The Request for Proposals solicitation for the 2018 NETC Research Program is expected to occur in May 2018.

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